counterbalance training
The most common type of forklift used. The load is offset by the weight at the rear.
reach truck forklift training
Reach Truck
This forklift has stabilising legs, and can reach heights in excess of 10m. It can operate in narrow spaces.
flexi bendi training course
Flexi / Bendi
Known as a pivot steer forklift. It is able to work in tight, narrow areas due to its articulated mast.
telehandler license training
Widley used in the construction industry due to their adaptability and maneouverabrility.
ppt training course
Powered Pallet Truck
The PPT can be pedestrian or rider operated. It handles goods at ground level.
stacker truck training
Stacker Truck
Like the PPT, however these trucks provide powerful lifting to heights of several metres.
teletruk license training
Has a telescopic boom instead of a conventional vertical mast. This gives it greater forward reach.
rough terrain masted training
Rough Terrain Masted
Provide greater ground clearance than a standard lift truck, and are used on uneven ground conditions.
combilift training
Known as a Combilift, this forklift is designed to handle long loads safely.
sideloader forklift training
A narrow-aisle forklift made for lifting very heavy and long items.
moffett forklift training
Moffett invented the concept of the truck-mounted forklift.